Top 30 Puzzles & Brain Teaser Games for Android

With each passing day, an Android smartphone becomes more and more a mini touchscreen console to play more fun and original video games.

Among the best games there are certainly those of the puzzle or strategic genre where the action is characterized by guessing, using logic, the right way to complete a level.

from the huge selection of games in the Google Play Market, we see 10 of the best puzzle games and puzzle and precision games that can be downloaded for free and that should work on all or almost all mobile models on the market.

1) Jewels Stars is a classic arcade where you have to combine three similar jewels, (both in design and color), both vertically and horizontally. The jewels that are matched disappear, creating space for other jewels that fall into the picture. The gameplay is really addicting and the colored blocks move with your finger. Obviously, the time to complete a painting is limited so you have to hurry.

2) Cut the Rope, a great classic of the puzzle genre, completely free for Android.

3) One Touch Drawing is a free puzzle game for Android where you have to draw without ever taking your finger off the screen. There are 100 game levels, where the player has to draw distinct shapes in a single gesture, in order to connect all the indicated nodes by lines. Very similar is also Galaxy in which you have to draw constellations.

4) Dune is a game where you have to blow a ball, being careful not to let it go too high.

5) Brain It On! is a physics-based game with lots of challenging and addicting puzzles.

6) 2048, historical and very popular game, all based on numbers.

7) 100 Doors Seasons a puzzle where you have to open the doors to escape.

8) Build a Bridge is a beautiful physics-based game where you have to build a bridge.


9) Word Search is the classic Puzzle Week game where you have to find the words hidden in a grid of letters.

10) Dots for Android, where to connect the colored dots, was the most successful game of 2013 after Candy Crush Saga.


11) Monument Valley is one of the most downloaded and bought games for Android, with splendid graphics, made up of geometries and constructions impossible to explore.

12) Happy Glass is one of the most played games of 2018, where the goal is to fill a glass of water by building the road to make it flow in the exact way without letting it go out. With so many levels, it’s a really challenging and fun puzzle challenge.

13) Bubble Blast is the game where you have to pop the bubbles so that they also burst nearby ones until you complete the picture.

14) Alpha Betty Saga is a beautiful puzzle game for Android where you can find new words.


15) Intertwined words and games lyricist and scarab, in another article, are those where you have to find as many words as possible from a series of letters.