Top 30 Puzzles & Brain Teaser Games for Android Part 2

Here in this page we are continuing the last post of the top 30 android games  and below we are enlisting the second part of top 30 android games. Below you can see the 16th to 30th ranking android game.

16) Word Connect is a very original color puzzle game, easy to learn, difficult to play hence sites exist.

17) Mr. Bullet is the puzzle game where you have to find a way to eliminate baddies from impossible angles, with the least number of shots possible.

18) Where is my water? a fun puzzle game, with special items to collect, challenges to complete and bonus levels to unlock.

19) Crossy Road, the game where you have to cross the road without being put under.

20) Paperio 2 is a very original game where you need to have cunning and a lot of intelligence to avoid being stolen by your opponents.

21) The Room is a fun puzzle game where you have to solve mysterious puzzles.

22) Drop7, another classic, is the numbers game where you have to form the sum 7.

23) Unblock Me is a classic puzzle game, where you move tiles to clear a path, very popular and appreciated.

24) Doctor Mario World from Nintendo, a classic Puzzle game released in a renewed and free version for Android.

25) Flow Free is a very popular game where you have to connect the colored dots and draw lines.

26) Cookie Cats is another game where you have to match colors in a certain number of moves.


27) 1010! Color is a puzzle where you have to match at least three tiles of the same color using randomly generated shapes. The game can continue indefinitely and ends only when there is no space on the board to insert the pieces.


28) Can You Escape

29) Om Nom: Merge is a 2019 puzzle game from the same developers as Cut The Rope, where you have to combine pets to make them evolve and create more powerful and strong creatures.

30) Brain Out is a game to take the intelligence test with friends and see who is better at solving the various puzzles proposed.

31) Move The Block is one of the classic sliding puzzles where you have to move the blocks to keep the red one out.

32) Jigsaw Puzzles Real, a game where you have to solve real puzzles by putting the pieces together.

33) Skillz, a series of games to train the brain and challenge other people.

33) Puzzle Mondo is another real puzzle, one where you have to complete the images with the pieces.

34) Diamond Diaries Saga, the heir of Candy Crush Saga, similar, by the same authors of the King.

35) Aggretsuko: the short timer strikes back is a game inspired by the famous Japanese cartoon, a hybrid between a sim builder and puzzle game, where you can create your own small building and face many levels of Candy Crush-style puzzles. there are many characters to play with, each with their own abilities and original animations can also be seen.

36) Maze Machina is a turn-based puzzle, where you combine attack and defense in a 4X4 grid.

37) Ever Merge, is a level puzzle where you have to match the various figures that appear on the screen. Noteworthy is the game’s graphics, very accurate and beautiful to look at.