The Benefits of Playing games for Kids and Adults


Every time we hear about video games we think that they do harm to our health .We always relate it to the sedentary life style .Did you know about the benefits of playing video games?
There are many benefits to playing video games for both kids and adults such as:
1. Stress relief
2. Develop problem solving skills
3. Healthy brain stimulation

Think about twice before shutting down your favorite computer.We have included here 9 positive sides of playing video games:
1. Video games can contribute to increase your brain ʾs gray matter

Different studies have shown that playing video games on regular basis increase gray matter in the brain and can boost brain connectivity. Playing games is like the gym of the mind and is seen as fun. A short explanation about Gray Matter: Grey matter contains most of the brain’s neuronal cell bodies. The grey matter includes regions of the brain involved in muscle control, and sensory perception such as seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, speech, decision making, and self-control. … These cells are responsible for the movement of muscles.

2.Better social skills
It is always seen that those who play video games are shy and use playing video games as a way to avoid real life. Past research done with children found out that those children who played more video games are more likely to build better and solid relationships, they perform better academically, are more likely to have good social skills and this happens due to the social and collaborative components to some types of games they play.

3.Video games can improve manual dexterity
There is a study in which there have been involved a group of surgeons and researchers found that those who played video games were faster at performing advanced procedures than those who did not play. They made 37% fewer mistakes. Some special video games have ben used as a therapy to help stroke victims to regain control of their hands and wrists by playing. This controller based games can be great for the hands especially for those who have some problems.

4.Become more physically active as a gamer
Many consoles nowadays have a more innovative technology to get the gamer off the couch and play the game onto their feet. This is done to help gamers not to stay still all day long. Many mobile game programmers are creating games that are played across physical space and inspire gamers to relocate in order to get further in the real world.

5.Video games are good for the mental health
Video games are seen as stress relievers as studies have shown that they can boost mood and regulate heart rhythms. The benefits of playing video games has been seen in various unrelated studies and for this reason video games has been used in therapy for over 10 years now.

6. You can have fun while learning new things
New video games have different topics .There are video games that help to improve reading or learn math skills. There are other ones with a variety of topics such as history, geography , cooking, chemistry, biology architecture and many other topics that arouse children ʾs curiosity.

7. Games teach you to solve the problems better
Multi level games ,mission based and different locations take many time to be solved and the levels need attention and a strategy to solve the game. The gamers need to think about how to solve each level in order to level up and for doing that they strategize in a new environment using their skills. They do so in the real world and improve problem solving skill and do better at school.

8.Video games can improve your vision
Playing video games help improve vision .In a study done with some people that do not play video games and those that played video games there was a difference in their vision. Those who played were able to see objects more clearly even in cluttered spaces. They were able to see small objects, smaller details because those details were very important in solving the game.

9.Video games can help to be more persistent
While playing the game there are easy and then more difficult levels. And as you level up the difficulties rises and you need to become more persistent in order to complete the level and get the rewards or the points. You may quit for one day but when you play again the next day you need to solve that level or you get stuck there. And there is no more fun. You learn from mistakes until you reach the goal. Video games can teach people to be more confident and to work towards their goals, treating each misstep as just another learning opportunity.