Word Life Answers

Word life game is a challenging and brain training game with free crosswords and anagrams.In this fame you can find infinite word connect puzzles like anagrams, word hunt,word scramble and other free word games.It is an easy game to learn for lovers of Scrabble.

You can connect to play words with your friends .There are even special events word games such as Feed Katie a little cat that eats Word Cookies game similar to Word Craze but with more challenging clues.
You can watch her grow by scrabbling the anagrams and feed word cookies to Katie.In order to win prizes and hints you have to build word stacks. While playing you can also enjoy a relaxing scenery because there are different word scapes to journey through.You can spell words with friends online and play with them by collecting personalised word game tiles.
Word life is the game for you.It will entertain you and your friends.we are welcoming you to a word of wonders. It is a free game to download and to play.

Word Life is developed by Social Point and it is on Google Play Store.Here you will find Answers and cheats gathered by us in order to help you solving the difficult levels of the game.Word Life has crosswords and anagrams just like Daily Themed Crosswords or Word Card Game You will hunt and connect letters to spell words while playing this brain challenging game. All the answers are here for you, to help you play the game.

Part 2 The 12 Incredible Health Benefits of Board Games

The 12 Incredible Health Benefits of Board Games
(part 2)
7) Improve concentration and attention level
Research from Coventry and Toronto University has shown how similarly to reading a book, focusing on the rules and strategies that must be addressed in playing a board game help increase concentration levels.
A recent study, conducted at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, highlighted how play increases the skills of planning, memory, attention and reasoning.
This is because board games for several people train the neural networks, or the bonds between cells, and stimulate neurons to make contact with each other, increasing important “reserves” of the brain.

If in daily life, in fact, we are continually bombarded by stimuli deriving from TV, social media and messaging that hammers us every few minutes, during a board game we have the opportunity to “free the mind”.
In this way the brain is able to focus on a single goal, without having to constantly change its “focus” due to the multitasking environment that surrounds us.
A 60-minute game, played carefully and without getting distracted, will suffice to perceive an increase in concentration in the moments following the game.
8) Reduction in blood pressure
Playing a game in company of a board game has the “side effect” of lowering arterial blood pressure. In fact, the release of endorphins helps not only to relax the mind, but also to keep blood pressure at normal levels.
9) Stimulation of the immune system
This is of course a passive side effect. It is already known that negative attitude, depression and stress can reduce the body’s ability to have a stable immune system. Positive feelings and thoughts, such as laughter and fun that are accompanied by a good board game, prevent these effects by releasing endorphins that are able to fight stress with great benefit of the immune system.
10) Slowing of the mental aging process
Cognitive flexibility, attention, working memory and abstract reasoning tend to decrease with age. Many experiments, with elderly participants, show that more or less strategic play leads to marked improvements in all these skills (Basek et al., 2008). One study found that gambling in old age led not only to cognitive improvements, but also to better self-esteem and better perceived quality of life by older participants.
11) For children – Development of critical thinking
It is known how board games force you to formulate strategies to solve the game. (Obviously this depends on the game). In particular, it has been shown that children develop a greater critical sense when they realize that “intelligence” can be trained. (2015 Gwen Dewar, PhD). In this sense, it is very useful for children to play a board game by discussing the tactics and strategies they want to implement and showing them how game after game they become more and more skilled and capable. In this sense, the presence of an adult with whom to discuss strategies and (and therefore training one’s critical thinking in front of an adult), is stimulating and very useful!
12) For children – Concept of victory and defeat
A study of child psychology (Gobet 2004) has shown how board games, when played with adults, speed up the understanding of the concept of victory or defeat, always learning to respect other players. In a board game, children soon learn that victory or defeat are only marginal components, which do not affect the fun of being in company. Furthermore, the mistake can be a moment of growth, in which to understand and improve for the future.
On the contrary, many children show that even if they lose, if they have fun, they are ready to resume the “game” by making even more effort.

… A board game, it’s forever!

The 12 Incredible Health Benefits of Board Games

The 12 Incredible Health Benefits of Board Games
(part one)
Today’s generation is the generation of videogames.

We know perfectly well.

Yet, those who, like us, are a few years older, know well that the good old board games were able to give emotions in the company that we still associate with wonderful memories today.

If we try hard, each of us will find splendid ones (and even melancholy ones, we know that).

We at table- games.it, in a world made up of PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and so on, are white flies.


Those who follow us know that we strive to find board games that are pleasant even for modern times, and suitable for generations with little patience today.

This year, however, we have created something new. (And, in our own small way, we are proud of it).
We have read and analyzed scientific publications from around the world and collected the 10 main health benefits that emerged and described and demonstrated in the scientific literature on the use of parlor games.

It is not an incentive to use table games, everyone is free to do what they want with their time.

It is a simple way of remembering that board games, which today seem “prehistoric” to some, actually have much more to say than we think.
1) Memory and cognitive abilities
Board games have a training effect on the brain: according to some studies, they help develop essential cognitive skills, such as probem solving and decision making skills.
It is above all the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex that are stimulated during a board game. These areas of the brain are responsible for the more complex reasoning, which allow you to create the “strategy” during the game.

At the same time, another important cognitive ability is stimulated: memory. In fact, just like a muscle training, the board game (as well as the riddles, puzzles and quizzes) strongly stimulates and trains the hippocampus, that is the part of the temporal lobe brain that deals with the storage of remember!
2) Stress reduction
It is one of the biggest differences between board game and video game. The board game is able to relax, and 53% of people according to a study by RealNetworks Inc say they can relieve stress with a single play of a board game.
Videogames (let’s be clear, not all) often create a competition between those who play and their opponents, which often results in even increased stress and moodiness.
3) Development of empathy
One of the most obvious, but no less important effects is having fun while playing. This effect causes the production of endorphins, chemicals that cause the feeling of happiness. Furthermore, the sharing of laughter and fun among the people who participate promotes empathy, feeling and trust with the other participants.
4) Social relations
Sitting with your family without interruptions may seem like an impossible thing nowadays. Each of us has different commitments and schedules which pushes them in opposite directions. However, playing with our children, or with friends, is a perfect way to spend time together and build learning skills at the same time. There are several studies that show how board games played with family or friends are enormously able to strengthen the social bond between the components of the game.
5) Impulsiveness control
Board games are able to practice not responding to non-target stimuli. For all those who have problems managing the impulsiveness of actions, a board game prompts you to reflect on your actions, forcing you to maintain self-control over the actions performed. (Dye, Green, & Bavelier, 2009)
6) Contrast to depression
In 2016, a study was done by the University of East Carolina to monitor actual changes in brain activity experienced by casual gamers. The results are astounding: after just 20 minutes of gameplay, players simultaneously showed greater heart rate variability (linked to reduced stress and increased resilience) and fewer left frontal alpha waves (linked to improved mood, which players confirmed in a written survey). Participants who spent their 20 minutes simply browsing the Internet saw no improvement in mood or heart rate.

Video games, a source of positive emotions!

Video games, a source of positive emotions!
In the last decade the world of video games, of any genre they are, has known its period of maximum expansion and the use of recreational video products shows no signs of decreasing, indeed it is constantly growing, thanks also to the now ever increasing number of “casual” gamers who play through smartphones and tablets and often do not even know they are gamers.
One of the elements to be taken into consideration to better interpret this success is the ability of video games to arouse emotions.
Even looking at the dawn of video games, we can find this characteristic; let’s take for example Tetris, which could be summarized in “place the geometric, two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes that the game generates, to optimize the spaces”: the speeding up of the falling bricks as the levels progress and the pressure of the music change the emotional experience of the player. The mechanisms behind these simple emotional activations are innumerable and vary according to the different games: from identification with the characters and identification in the story, to the graphic and entertainment aspects, to conclude with the challenge dimension. The combinations of these components and the resulting emotional activation can produce very different outcomes: just as a video game can make us happy, move and excite, it can also arouse anger or frustration.
With this article we will try to better understand the role of video games in the relationship between positive emotions and well-being. As we have said, video games have the ability to involve and excite us and, if their diffusion is so developed, it is due to the fact that in most cases, when you play, you can enjoy pleasant moments characterized by a feeling of well-being.
This quality has affected positive psychology which is based on the use of positive emotions, the basis for the promotion and development of well-being. Positive psychology investigated positive emotions in video games through two approaches. The hedonic approach focuses on the relationship between the individual and those experiences that generate pleasure and are attributable to a positive emotion: video games are supporters par excellence of this type of sensations, resulting as excellent means for the search for well-being and pleasure. Let’s think, for example, of famous I phone games such as “Angry birds” or “Fruit ninja”, in which the activity to be carried out is not particularly complex, but the gaming experience, starting from the graphics to the completion of the challenge, is designed to gratify the subject, rewarding his effort and encouraging his progress.
The eudaimonic approach, on the other hand, alludes to well-being resulting from the development of personal preferences, which, if satisfied, lead to happiness, understood as the maximum expression of one’s potential and of “becoming masters of one’s own destiny”. Games that focus on this dimension are generally more complex, as they require the involvement and identification of the subjects in order to promote high states of “well-being” during the videogame experience. This includes all those products that include an avatar to customize and evolve, for example Destiny or World of Warcraft. Video games can therefore become a means for individual well-being, helping a person to orient himself within his own self and his own world, constituting a sort of “gym” where the individual can learn to express himself and experience the their emotions.
Our hope is that by going beyond the negative opinions and statements discrediting video games, we become aware of the great opportunities that this medium brings with it.

Top 30 Puzzles & Brain Teaser Games for Android Part 2

Here in this page we are continuing the last post of the top 30 android games  and below we are enlisting the second part of top 30 android games. Below you can see the 16th to 30th ranking android game.

16) Word Connect is a very original color puzzle game, easy to learn, difficult to play hence sites WordConnectAnswer.com exist.

17) Mr. Bullet is the puzzle game where you have to find a way to eliminate baddies from impossible angles, with the least number of shots possible.

18) Where is my water? a fun puzzle game, with special items to collect, challenges to complete and bonus levels to unlock.

19) Crossy Road, the game where you have to cross the road without being put under.

20) Paperio 2 is a very original game where you need to have cunning and a lot of intelligence to avoid being stolen by your opponents.

21) The Room is a fun puzzle game where you have to solve mysterious puzzles.

22) Drop7, another classic, is the numbers game where you have to form the sum 7.

23) Unblock Me is a classic puzzle game, where you move tiles to clear a path, very popular and appreciated.

24) Doctor Mario World from Nintendo, a classic Puzzle game released in a renewed and free version for Android.

25) Flow Free is a very popular game where you have to connect the colored dots and draw lines.

26) Cookie Cats is another game where you have to match colors in a certain number of moves.


27) 1010! Color is a puzzle where you have to match at least three tiles of the same color using randomly generated shapes. The game can continue indefinitely and ends only when there is no space on the board to insert the pieces.


28) Can You Escape

29) Om Nom: Merge is a 2019 puzzle game from the same developers as Cut The Rope, where you have to combine pets to make them evolve and create more powerful and strong creatures.

30) Brain Out is a game to take the intelligence test with friends and see who is better at solving the various puzzles proposed.

31) Move The Block is one of the classic sliding puzzles where you have to move the blocks to keep the red one out.

32) Jigsaw Puzzles Real, a game where you have to solve real puzzles by putting the pieces together.

33) Skillz, a series of games to train the brain and challenge other people.

33) Puzzle Mondo is another real puzzle, one where you have to complete the images with the pieces.

34) Diamond Diaries Saga, the heir of Candy Crush Saga, similar, by the same authors of the King.

35) Aggretsuko: the short timer strikes back is a game inspired by the famous Japanese cartoon, a hybrid between a sim builder and puzzle game, where you can create your own small building and face many levels of Candy Crush-style puzzles. there are many characters to play with, each with their own abilities and original animations can also be seen.

36) Maze Machina is a turn-based puzzle, where you combine attack and defense in a 4X4 grid.

37) Ever Merge, is a level puzzle where you have to match the various figures that appear on the screen. Noteworthy is the game’s graphics, very accurate and beautiful to look at.

Top 30 Puzzles & Brain Teaser Games for Android

With each passing day, an Android smartphone becomes more and more a mini touchscreen console to play more fun and original video games.

Among the best games there are certainly those of the puzzle or strategic genre where the action is characterized by guessing, using logic, the right way to complete a level.

from the huge selection of games in the Google Play Market, we see 10 of the best puzzle games and puzzle and precision games that can be downloaded for free and that should work on all or almost all mobile models on the market.

1) Jewels Stars is a classic arcade where you have to combine three similar jewels, (both in design and color), both vertically and horizontally. The jewels that are matched disappear, creating space for other jewels that fall into the picture. The gameplay is really addicting and the colored blocks move with your finger. Obviously, the time to complete a painting is limited so you have to hurry.

2) Cut the Rope, a great classic of the puzzle genre, completely free for Android.

3) One Touch Drawing is a free puzzle game for Android where you have to draw without ever taking your finger off the screen. There are 100 game levels, where the player has to draw distinct shapes in a single gesture, in order to connect all the indicated nodes by lines. Very similar is also Galaxy in which you have to draw constellations.

4) Dune is a game where you have to blow a ball, being careful not to let it go too high.

5) Brain It On! is a physics-based game with lots of challenging and addicting puzzles.

6) 2048, historical and very popular game, all based on numbers.

7) 100 Doors Seasons a puzzle where you have to open the doors to escape.

8) Build a Bridge is a beautiful physics-based game where you have to build a bridge.


9) Word Search is the classic Puzzle Week game where you have to find the words hidden in a grid of letters.

10) Dots for Android, where to connect the colored dots, was the most successful game of 2013 after Candy Crush Saga.


11) Monument Valley is one of the most downloaded and bought games for Android, with splendid graphics, made up of geometries and constructions impossible to explore.

12) Happy Glass is one of the most played games of 2018, where the goal is to fill a glass of water by building the road to make it flow in the exact way without letting it go out. With so many levels, it’s a really challenging and fun puzzle challenge.

13) Bubble Blast is the game where you have to pop the bubbles so that they also burst nearby ones until you complete the picture.

14) Alpha Betty Saga is a beautiful puzzle game for Android where you can find new words.


15) Intertwined words and games lyricist and scarab, in another article, are those where you have to find as many words as possible from a series of letters.

10 Cognitive Benefits of Playing Chess

The traditional and historic game of chess, dating back to the 6th century AD, has always been known for its reputation as “the game of kings”, and indeed the rulers of a kingdom had to rely on their great qualities as strategists in case of wars and battles. The peculiarities of chess are the composition of the pieces, the playing area, the rules and action strategies, these characteristics make it a highly challenging game due to the skill required to beat the opponent. An experienced chess player has acquired targeted knowledge that competes action strategies, but at the same time he must also enhance a range of cognitive functions involved in this analytical and executive process. Among these skills we find the spectrum of executive functions residing in the prefrontal lobe such as selective and divided attention, working memory, planning, flexibility in changing strategy, forecasting, planning and decision making. In addition, complementary functions must be enlisted for the correct execution of frontal functions, such as memory, visuospatial capacity, spatial orientation and bottom-up attention. All these numerous cognitive functions can therefore be stimulated by playing the game of chess provided that we apply ourselves with the right commitment.

Here are the 10 benefits observed in the various studies that have dealt with chess players and the use of chess.

1. It can boost your IQ

Chess has a significant stigma problem, it is considered by the community as a type of game for people who are predisposed to play it or who already have a high degree of IQ, keeping those who don’t feel like it at a distance. Studies have shown that applying chess can instead help increase IQ. In a study of 4,000 Venezuelan students, they found a significant increase in the IQ score, for both boys and girls, after only 4 months of chess lessons.

2. It can prevent Alzheimer’s

Since the brain works like a muscle, this requires exercise as if we were training a biceps or quadriceps to benefit them in health and avoid injuries. A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that people over 75 who have tried their hand at cognitive training with activities such as chess are less likely to develop dementia than their non-player peers.  As much as an unused muscle loses its tone, Dr. Robert Freidland, author of the study, found that even a less active brain is doomed to loss of brain tissue, called atrophy, and therefore to a decrease in cognitive potential.

3. It is an exercise that involves both cerebral hemispheres

In a German study, researchers compared experienced players with novices in the skill of processing geometric shapes and the position of chess pieces. Their object of study was response times and the measurement of brain activity in the two hemispheres. The researchers found that players experienced in the recognition activity activated both hemispheres and responded faster to exposures than the inexperienced sample.

4. It boosts creativity

Creativity and imagination are qualities that are attributed to the processing skills of the right hemisphere, a feature of the brain that has always been documented in several studies, among which it was also discovered that chess has the ability to stimulate one’s originality. . In fact, a four-year study, carried out on students aged 7 to 9, compared various activities such as computer use and other activities carried out at least once a week for 32 weeks, with the aim of determining which was the one capable of enhancing creative thinking.The group of chess players achieved higher scores in all measures of creativity, with a marked improvement in the area of ​​originality.

5. Improve your memory

Chess players know that playing chess boosts memory. Being a good chess player means having to remember how your opponent has already played in the past, in order to be able to recall the moves that made him win in previous games. A 1985 study, lasting two years, was conducted on young students who were given the opportunity to play chess regularly. These have improved in skill over time and their teachers have found memory enhancement as well as better organizational skills. Another study in Pennsylvania with elementary school boys found similar results. In addition, students who had never played chess before the study gained memory and verbal skills improvement benefits after the period of play.

6. Increase problem solving skills

A game of chess is very similar to the goal of having to reassemble a puzzle and having to solve the disorder that is generated by our opponent, who constantly changes the parameters. In a 1992 study in New Brunswick, roughly 450 second-year high school students were divided into three groups. Group A was the control group. Group B in addition to the ordinary math lessons of Group A also received chess lessons. In Group C, classes had started in the first year of high school. Subjected to a standardized test, the results were: Group C with votes above 81.2% compared to 62% of B and 21.46% of Group A.

7. Increase your reading skills

In a 1991 study that is often cited, Dr. Stuart Margulies studied the reading performance of 53 elementary school students who participated in a chess program and were subsequently tested by comparing them to other non-chess students in the neighboring county. The doctor, following the standardized evaluation, showed better reading results in favor of the chess group. In addition, in a region where the average of students was below the national average, the students of that region who played chess had above average results.

8. Improve attention

Some chess champions may seem like real experts. In reality their skill in the game lies in their great ability to concentrate which is required in the game in order to win. Even a brief distraction by looking elsewhere or thinking about something else can be fatal to the game, such as if your opponent completes the move without your paying attention. Numerous studies by students from the U.S., Russia, China and other regions have shown on all occasions that the ability to fix the focus of attention is a prerequisite for this game.

9. Produces a proliferation of dendrites in the cerebral cortex

Dendrites are like the branches of a tree which are conductors of electrical signals from other neurons to which they are connected. This suggests that the greater the coverage of the dendrites, the better the efficiency of the interconnection between neurons. Learning a new skill like the game of chess generates the proliferation of new dendrites. Furthermore, this connective increase does not stop once the game is learned, even the challenges with other players fuel and contribute to the dendritic proliferation.

10. Teaches planning and forecasting

Getting teenagers to play chess can save their lives. Let’s understand why: the last part that develops in the brain is the prefrontal cortex, the area of ​​the brain that is responsible for planning, judgment and control. Teenagers are considered immature as long as this part of the brain has not fully developed. Strategy games such as chess can promote development of the prefrontal cortex and help them make extensive decisions in all areas of life, such as keeping them away from careless decisions. Risk appetite is a characteristic that has always been associated with young adolescents.

The Best PC Games of 2021

The best PC games of 2021: the titles not to be missed
The best PC games. Prepare your computers for what 2021 has to offer

The best PC games are spectacular and use the best of available technology to deliver stunning graphics. We’re talking about 4K resolution, HDR, and real-time ray tracing. But not only that, some can boast multiple choice storylines and incredible scenarios enough to get us out of TV series, as in the case of The Witcher.
Obviously, to make the most of the most renowned titles you will need powerful video cards, such as the new RTX 3000 series, such as the RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and RTX 3090, or the recent “Big Navy” from AMD with its RX 6700 XT cards , RX 6800, RX 6800 XT.

Whether you are looking to pick a new PC game, or are a newcomer to the world of PC gaming, you are in the right place. We have selected the best PC games of all genres for you and collected them in this ranking to make it easier for you to search.
Forget about PlayStation and Xbox. The best PC games offer a wide range of genres for all tastes, from video games to platforms to point-and-click adventures, including great retro classics and first person shooters.
In fact, you may even be confused and don’t know where to start. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the best PC games of 2021 for you.
The best PC games at a glance:
1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
2. Ghost runner
3. Control
4. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
5. Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)
6. Hitman 3
7. Monster Hunter World
8. Death Stranding
9. Red Dead Redemption 2
10. Doom Eternal
11. Half-Life: Alyx
12. Forza Horizon 4
13. Nioh 2
14. Thimbleweed Park
15. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
16. Minecraft
17. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
18. Fortnite Battle Royale
New: Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost is a title that will intrigue fans of dystopian adventures. It is in fact set in a world where the Second World War ended with the nuclear destruction of Europe by the Nazis. Almost 20 years after the apocalyptic event, you play as Szymon, a 12-year-old who must explore an abandoned Nazi bunker in search of a mysterious man.
The gameplay is in line with other exploratory simulators. And since the only way of communication is through bunker technology thanks to a mysterious girl named Ewa, this game may remind you of Firewatch or Bioshock. Even if it is a short game, the low price allows you to dive into this adventure without worries.
1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
We know this game is getting old, but it’s doing it like fine wine. Even after 3 years of its release it is one of the most ambitious open world games that ever existed, combining the brash grandeur of Skyrim with the extraordinary depth of Grand Theft Auto V.
This is a game so full of content that it is one of the best for PC of 2020. Immense and gorgeous, it will make you waste (in a good way) a lot of time. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is not only the best PC game of 2020 or one of the best open world games for PC, but it could be one of the best of all time.

2. Ghost runner
A post-apocalyptic dystopian game in which ultraviolence and incredibly lively action meet. This first-person game isn’t for the faint of heart – it’s tense, hilarious, and you’ll likely die repeatedly trying to beat it. If you’ve ever thought of a game that was a cross between Doom Eternal and Mirror’s Edge, that’s certainly Ghost runner.
The game is set in the Dharma Tower, a sort of last refuge for humanity. It is possible to climb the tower through platforms and slaughter the opponents who parry in front of you with your katana to take revenge on a ruthless ruler. They slice through enemies by dodging bullets and using a unique set of skills to make their way to the top. This game will literally leave you breathless, the continuous and frenetic action will not give you time to think about anything except how to go up one level, and another, and another …
3. Control
There are a lot of things you will like about Control, we are sure as the Remedy Entertainment studio has paid a lot of attention to detail. It is a very cinematic, action-adventure game that offers players stunning visuals, fantastic setting design and great performance, but also a very satisfying combat system.
Control puts you in the shoes of Jesse Faden, your task is to search The Oldest House, a building located in New York, in a constant state of structural instability and only appears to those who want to find it. You will have to find your missing brother, while you have to fulfill your role as director of the Control department and deal with numerous paranormal entities. You won’t find anything like Control on the market, and it’s one of the best PC games on the market right now.
4. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is one of the best-selling games of the moment after Cyberpunk 2077. But it is also an expansion aimed at relaunching one of the longest-running MMOs in circulation. Considering that WoW is now 17 years old, the new expansion brings a breath of fresh air to the game by introducing not only a new story but also an updated leveling system, the ability to play with a new class and, of course, new areas, dungeons. and of course new raids.
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands takes place in the land of the dead, divided into five main zones with a city in the center serving as the hub that you will need to explore. Whether you want to play with your friends or plan to tackle the story alone, the game features tons of content that will keep you busy for a long time.
There are many new additions in the expansion that will give you the ability to further customize the characters, as well as a new drop zone known as “Exile’s Reach” that novice players can use to level up. Well, despite the many new features, the game remains faithful to its RPG and MMO roots, offering you a vast world to explore in which it will be possible to kill many species of monsters, exactly as it has been for 17 years now.
5. Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)
If you are one of the 2% of gamers who were unfamiliar with Microsoft Flight Simulator before reading this review, we hope we have given you the complete picture. If, on the other hand, you are passionate about flight simulators looking for realism in every aspect, this title is for you.
If you like airplanes, you love flying and you like the idea of ​​flying historic planes in some of the most beautiful and dangerous areas in the world, Flight Simulator is for you. It’s still. If you have never tried a flight simulator, but want to get started and are attracted by the amazing graphics and innovative features of Flight Simulator, then again it is for you. There is no doubt that you should first try the game on Game Pass for PC: after all, you can only lose one euro.
However, if you lack the time and the desire to learn a control system from scratch and if you are looking for frenetic action in a game, you had better look the other way. As tempting as paying a euro on Game Pass can be, Flight Simulator is the kind of game that requires a considerable investment both in terms of time and, possibly, money since the peripherals are far from cheap and to make it work. at best you need a decent mid-to-high-end PC.
Furthermore, as we said, a fast internet connection is not only necessary but essential. If you think Flight Simulator is the game you need right now, then we can only recommend it. Without fear of denial, it is one of the best simulation titles ever made and a promising anticipation of what could be the future of video games, beyond the genres to which it belongs.

6. Hitman 3
Hitman 3 is the latest title in the trilogy reboot and nothing less than the fantastic conclusion this stealth series certainly deserved. It does not redefine the original gameplay, but it introduces six new levels and concludes the story that began with 2016’s Hitman. Just like in previous games, you can travel around the world: from Dubai to England and then to China and other remote places for the planet.
If you are not familiar with the gameplay of this series, know that you will have to play Agent 47, a calm and calculating hitman whose job is not to run and shoot through a crowd of villains as happens in so many contemporary titles.
Instead, your aim is to move discreetly through the levels, such as an English manor, to find and eliminate your targets without making noise and going completely unnoticed. In addition, you can replay the same level multiple times to discover new ways to eliminate your enemies, finish missions and discover further paths in the story. This also guarantees good replay ability, which in this type of games is often almost completely absent.
7. Monster Hunter World
Monster Hunter has been one of the biggest gaming franchises you’ve never heard of for years. However, with Monster Hunter: World the series has stopped being niche, and has (finally) landed on PC. It is one of the best PC games you can play today.
Monster Hunter: World will put you in the shoes of a (as the title suggests) hunter of monsters. The game will consist of hunting bigger and more dangerous monsters, and taking possession of their parts to create bigger and more fearsome armor. This is gameplay that might seem repetitive, but it ends up turning out to be one of the most addicting and rewarding PC games you can play today.
The game will provide you with an endless amount of content, moreover, Capcom, the developer of this saga, has promised to deliver an abundant amount of free DLC. One example is the ice-themed expansion Monster Hunter World: Ice borne. If you are looking for an addicting, engaging, but above all fun game that you can play alone or with your friends, check out Monster Hunter: World, it is one of the best PC games you can buy today.

8 .Death Stranding
Death Stranding is a game in which monotony is naturally imbued with the intangible subjects of the extraordinary. On paper, the premise shouldn’t work. A delivery boy, a world in ruins, a twisted plot centered on despair and the abnormal and strange. The realization, however, is perfect. Unwaveringly confident in himself and sure of his place in the spirit of the time. It is a game, an experience, in which introspection derives from unnecessarily facing the macrocosm of a decaying world. It is a story in which despair is both source and adversary of the incomprehensible and unquantifiable desire to persevere.

9. Red Dead Redemption 2
Rockstar Games’ latest release was an instant success. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a gripping western focused on the adventures of Arthur Morgan and his gang of outlaws as they try to survive in a fictionalized Old West. But the game is much more.
Whether you want to get lost in history following all the side missions to the end or just bond with your horse, RDR2 is one of those games where it’s easy to dive for more than 50 hours and always find something new to do. The gameplay is stellar and the graphics are amazing. You can even play it in 8K if you get the chance.

10. Doom Eternal
The unstoppable first-person shooter series that started a genre has already reached over two decades of seniority, proving once again that it knows how to renew itself and that it still manages to attract the attention of young and old users. His latest release is having excellent sales numbers already in the first weeks after the presentation.
Doom Eternal reinvents itself without abandoning the characteristics that made the saga famous. The new shooter has all the ferocity expected of Doom, with the addition of some entirely new RPG elements. We advise you not to miss it because Doom Eternal is the new PC game in circulation in the first quarter of 2020 and it is enough to preview the game to understand why.

11. Half-Life: Alyx
Some feared that Half-Life: Alyx, one of Valve’s very first VR games and the first addition to the series in over a decade, might not live up to expectations. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is a Half-Life game that follows in the same footsteps as the game Valve left in 2007.
It is fantastic, like its predecessors, a mind-blowing journey with an extraordinary physical system. The science-themed impossible puzzles you’ve been used to playing on PC are still all here.
Scary journeys through deadly pits infested with zombies that instill terror better than most “horror” games? Alyx is full of them! Half-Life: Alyx is set 5 years before Half-Life 2. What begins as a rescue mission from the protagonist’s father turns into an attempt to steal a super weapon from powerful aliens.
Microsoft’s racing video game series is getting better with every chapter, and we could say that this spin-off has surpassed the major Forza Motorsport titles by taking a spot among the best car simulation games available on PC.
It’s hugely fun, as it adds a pinch of arcade component to the trusty replicas of Forza racing cars and circuits. Forza Horizon 4 is one of the best PC games you can play right now, and this chapter brings motor racing to England, having explored America, France, Italy and Australia in previous chapters of the saga.
Now you can whiz between the beautiful villages of the English countryside, the coastal cities and Edinburgh on tens and tens of kilometers of roads and dirt tracks. It is a fast, frenetic experience that you absolutely cannot miss.
You can buy Forza Horizon 4 on the Microsoft Store. It’s also available on PC through Xbox Game Pass, or you can buy a copy for Xbox One and get a code to download it on PC as well using the Xbox Anywhere feature.

13. Nioh 2
If you like the idea of ​​playing complex and difficult titles like Dark Souls, Nioh 2 is likely to be for you. Just like From Software’s games, Nioh 2 rewards those players who are able to exploit the combat system to perfection and are able to squeeze every little advantage from their loot, weapons and Yokai skills to take over their opponents.
Additional Yokai skills can be acquired by defeating enemies, while customization allows for deeper gameplay. This sequel is a worthy sequel to the first game, also set in an alternative and fantastic version of historic Japan, and it will hardly leave you indifferent.
14. Thimbleweed Park
Whether it’s Lucas Arts, Double-Fine or as in this case in a new indie studio, veteran developer Ron Gilbert is always able to offer us a gem of the gaming world.
This tradition of flawless production continues with Thimbleweed Park, a pixel art point and click adventure intertwined with a healthy dose of modern creativity that harks back to the glory days of Maniac Mansion.
It is a graphic adventure in which FBI agents Reyes and Ray, much like another famous pair of agents constantly chasing UFOs, arrive in a quiet town to investigate a murder.
The way in which a brilliant story and a cast of peculiar but unforgettable characters are woven is something that most games with a much bigger budget often fail to do.

15. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
From Software has become a regular among the best PC games these days. The minds behind the critically acclaimed Dark Souls series have managed to transport PC gamers to some of the most bleak yet one of the most challenging and rewarding gameplay of recent years. This time From Software is back with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.
Sekiro will put you in the shoes of the Young Wolf, a shinobi tasked with saving his young master. The game will transport you through 16th century Japan, but things will get weird and supernatural – this is the From Software we know.
Don’t expect a walk in the park, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an extremely difficult game to master. You will need lightning fast reflexes to deflect enemy attacks and you will also need to be stealthy. You can’t hide behind a shield all the time like in Dark Souls III.

16. Minecraft
The phrase “if you build it, they will come back” sums up what Minecraft is, the survival-sandbox RPG that has sold more than 100 million copies since it was released in 2009. You can create your own world using the resources you will find, or explore. worlds created by other online players.
You can settle for both the numerous tools and materials provided by developer Mojang and install one of the mods available to make the most of your investment. The Super Duper Graphics Pack will be available soon, an optional DLC that will add more realistic textures and lighting effects to a game that was already extraordinary.

17. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is the latest installment of the hugely popular turn-based strategy game, as well as being one of the best games you can play right now. One of the things that makes PC the best gaming platform is the abundance of different genres available. Civilization VI might seem slow when compared to titles like Fortnite, but it wouldn’t be a sensible comparison since it’s totally different genres.
Expand your empire and defeat your enemies. You can see your people progress from a simple village to a world power. Choose what to specialize in: military might, technological supremacy, or cultural influence. Since it came out in 2016 it has had two expansions that have done nothing but enhance the offering and cement the title on the list of best PC games. Civilization VI: Rise and Fall was released in February 2018, and Civilization VI: Gathering Storm in February of this year.

18. Fortnite Battle Royale
How could we not include the most popular game in the world right now? Fortnite Battle Royale is a global phenomenon, but also one of the best PC games right now. It’s a game you always come back to for a match thanks to addictive gameplay and regular Epic updates.
Fortnite Battle Royale is only one of the modes of the Fortnite game, but it has become so popular that many think it is a game in its own right. As in other Battle Royale games, the goal is to remain the last player alive on the map. This might sound simple, but it is definitely not the case.

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Video Games Friends of The Elderly

Video games friends of the elderly
They reduce depression and improve cognitive performance

Playing video games could help the elderly to reduce symptoms of depression. This was stated by a research by Weill Cornell Medical College in New York published in Nature Communications which tested the effectiveness of “mind games” on a population made up of elderly people between 60 and 86 years.
Researchers tested the effectiveness of video games for the mind on key functions such as memory, attention span and accuracy of movements. Participants had no benefit from drug therapies and played around 30 hours within a month.
The authors explain: “in all subjects the symptoms significantly reduced in just four weeks, a result comparable to that obtained with the latest generation of antidepressants in three months”.

Another research conducted by the University of Illinois reaches the same conclusion and published in Journals of Gerontology: Series B, according to which electronic games would help older people to walk better and avoid falls, thus eliminating one of the triggers of depression, physical inactivity.
The American researchers recruited 51 elderly males and 70 females over the age of 85 and divided them into two groups. The first was asked to play three different video games three times a week, while the others practiced other activities.
At the end of the trial, the seniors who had played showed faster walking speed and greater balance.
Interactive video games in which physical activity is combined with playful activity also offer the possibility for elderly populations to derive a dual benefit, cognitive and physical. In another study published by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, the scholars state: “We found that for the elderly virtual reality and enhanced interactive exercise, such as the proposed ‘cyber cycling’ two or three times a week for 3 months, have given greater cognitive benefits and greater protection against mild cognitive impairment (MCI), compared to similar traditional exercise programs. ”
The research, promoted by Cay Anderson-Hanley of the Psychology department of Union College in Schenectady, in the United States recruited 101 volunteers between the ages of 58 and 99. A group of 78 subjects was enrolled in exercise with a traditional exercise bike, another of 63 with a cyber bike.
A video game was used in which there was a cyber bike that had to go on a three-dimensional tour in which battles were carried out against a “Ghost Rider”.
Those who completed the study with video games, about 63 adults, reported an improvement in higher cognitive functions, such as attention, memory, planning and problem solving skills, greater than the group that had exercised in the traditional way. In addition, some of the cyber cyclists showed a 23% reduction in the progression of senile dementia from which they suffered in mild form.

The Benefits of Playing games for Kids and Adults


Every time we hear about video games we think that they do harm to our health .We always relate it to the sedentary life style .Did you know about the benefits of playing video games?
There are many benefits to playing video games for both kids and adults such as:
1. Stress relief
2. Develop problem solving skills
3. Healthy brain stimulation

Think about twice before shutting down your favorite computer.We have included here 9 positive sides of playing video games:
1. Video games can contribute to increase your brain ʾs gray matter

Different studies have shown that playing video games on regular basis increase gray matter in the brain and can boost brain connectivity. Playing games is like the gym of the mind and is seen as fun. A short explanation about Gray Matter: Grey matter contains most of the brain’s neuronal cell bodies. The grey matter includes regions of the brain involved in muscle control, and sensory perception such as seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, speech, decision making, and self-control. … These cells are responsible for the movement of muscles.

2.Better social skills
It is always seen that those who play video games are shy and use playing video games as a way to avoid real life. Past research done with children found out that those children who played more video games are more likely to build better and solid relationships, they perform better academically, are more likely to have good social skills and this happens due to the social and collaborative components to some types of games they play.

3.Video games can improve manual dexterity
There is a study in which there have been involved a group of surgeons and researchers found that those who played video games were faster at performing advanced procedures than those who did not play. They made 37% fewer mistakes. Some special video games have ben used as a therapy to help stroke victims to regain control of their hands and wrists by playing. This controller based games can be great for the hands especially for those who have some problems.

4.Become more physically active as a gamer
Many consoles nowadays have a more innovative technology to get the gamer off the couch and play the game onto their feet. This is done to help gamers not to stay still all day long. Many mobile game programmers are creating games that are played across physical space and inspire gamers to relocate in order to get further in the real world.

5.Video games are good for the mental health
Video games are seen as stress relievers as studies have shown that they can boost mood and regulate heart rhythms. The benefits of playing video games has been seen in various unrelated studies and for this reason video games has been used in therapy for over 10 years now.

6. You can have fun while learning new things
New video games have different topics .There are video games that help to improve reading or learn math skills. There are other ones with a variety of topics such as history, geography , cooking, chemistry, biology architecture and many other topics that arouse children ʾs curiosity.

7. Games teach you to solve the problems better
Multi level games ,mission based and different locations take many time to be solved and the levels need attention and a strategy to solve the game. The gamers need to think about how to solve each level in order to level up and for doing that they strategize in a new environment using their skills. They do so in the real world and improve problem solving skill and do better at school.

8.Video games can improve your vision
Playing video games help improve vision .In a study done with some people that do not play video games and those that played video games there was a difference in their vision. Those who played were able to see objects more clearly even in cluttered spaces. They were able to see small objects, smaller details because those details were very important in solving the game.

9.Video games can help to be more persistent
While playing the game there are easy and then more difficult levels. And as you level up the difficulties rises and you need to become more persistent in order to complete the level and get the rewards or the points. You may quit for one day but when you play again the next day you need to solve that level or you get stuck there. And there is no more fun. You learn from mistakes until you reach the goal. Video games can teach people to be more confident and to work towards their goals, treating each misstep as just another learning opportunity.